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Afternoon Delight

While there are plenty of  guy team sports, I enjoy an afternoon with "the guys" getting together cooking a 6 course dinner for their wives or significant other. Dividing the cooks up into teams so each takes a portion of the meal along with the recipes, ingredients, pans and kitchen tools allows each team to work independently and you the opportunity to provide assistance. Plan on about 5 hours of cooking and then break for the cooks to go change and pick up their wives. A little wine or scotch along the way helps keep everyone's spirits up as well. The feedback from the guests encourages the cooks as well.
   This distinguished group met on a fine day in the summer and consisted of both beginning and experienced cooks. It is recommended that you give each person copies of all the menus, recipes and other materials to take with them in case they want to prepare portions of the meal at home.
The cooks pictured here are: Bill Carruthers, Fred Glass, Jack Murray, John Eaton, Tom Todd and myself.