Good Eaton Gourmet, LLC - PERSONAL CHEF
Why consider using your own Personal Chef from Good Eaton Gourmet ?
  ~Save Time...there is no planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up.  It’s all done by your Personal Chef--extra time in your schedule.
 ~ Eat Healthy...the freshest local produce and best ingredients are always used and never any preservatives--nutritionally balanced.
 ~ Dinner at Home...back to the basics.  Your family and guests can enjoy a delicious meal with quality time at the dinner table or on the deck--priceless.
~ Very Affordable ...take advantage of “Winter Pricing” all summer long, no seasonally adjusted high priced meals--great value.
Good Eaton Gourmet, LLC offers you:
Customized Delicious, Wholesome Menus
Meal Preparation in your home
Variety of Healthy Menus
Grocery Shopping done for you
Freshest Local Fruits, Vegetables
Top Quality Meats, Fish
Fresh Herbs and Seasonings
* Wine pairings available with menus