Good Eaton Gourmet, LLC - PERSONAL CHEF

"Good Eaton Gourmet is the perfect solution for those of us who would rather do anything than cook!  Brit provides you with copious menu options.  You chose the meals you want.  Then he shops for fresh ingredients in the morning, brings them to your house with his own pots and pans, and miraculously prepares 5 meals that you would swear come from a 5 star restaurant.  He can cook for 2 or 20 with the same delicious results.  I bless the day I found him!"
Wendy Brickman 

"We had a family Christmas dinner that was catered by Brit and his staff.  Our kitchen is open and next to our dining area and we were able to see Brit and his crew at work.  What an enjoyable evening watching all the dishes being prepared right in front of us.  The whole experience was sensational.  The food, presentations and service were excellent and what you would except with someone of Brit’s experience and background."
James ("Jim") F. White, Jr. -

"Brit is truly a master of the culinary art...if this were theater, he'd be the producer, director and principal actor, and you could throw in set designer and composer as well! I've had the pleasure of working with Brit in our home, where he planned and presented a wonderful dinner featuring duck breast in a rich dark cherry sauce for all of my family as a birthday celebration, as well as being a guest at several cocktail functions where his selection of appetizers, light entrees and wines complemented his tastefully-decorated and artfully-set table. He is as comfortable preparing a delicious New England style clam bake and lobster boil, as he is assembling a hearty cassoulet as the centerpiece of an cozy autumn evening.  And a 7-course gourmet dinner for 30, which he organized, choreographed and executed flawlessly is still being talked about in our neighborhood!  Whether it's a special occasion, or simply your wish to have someone else relieve you of the responsibility for cooking, Good Eaton Gourmet is the number to call."
Dr. Jon Kinne,   Neahtawanta                                                                                                                                                                            
To whom it might concern:
"I have used the services of Brit Eaton for several special large meals. Of note are an anniversary celebration and a birthday party.
I found Brit very helpful in taking over the menu selection. He listened and responded to what I had in mind. He was also helpful in staying within my budget and still produce a great tasting meal. I would not hesitate asking for his help again because I know I would be satisfied with what he produced."
Sincerely, Florence Morrison