Good Eaton Gourmet, LLC - PERSONAL CHEF
 About Our Services...
In the typical cooking engagement, we expertly prepare either 10 main entrée meals (5 entrées for 2 people) or 20 main entrée meals (10 entrées for 2 people) for you and/or your guests. Delicious meals can then be served when and as you wish in the comfort of your own home or cottage. Meals are either frozen or stored in the refrigerator to be re-heated as you like depending on the food items prepared.
First, we e-mail or send you a detailed Food Preference Questionnaire to indicate your food likes and dislikes.Then, at a mutually agreeable time, we will plan a menu together of the five or ten meals you wish for us to prepare.  Each menu lists entrees and some side dishes for a one or two week plan and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day.  We bring all own pots, pans, spices, etc. and prepare the meals in your kitchen.
The Service Cost of your scheduled meal preparation day is typically $120 plus the actual cost of food which averages $100 - $120 or approximately $24 per meal and is packaged in two entrées per container.  After planning the menu you would like for that coming week, we would pick a preparation day. The morning of the meal preparation day, we do the shopping for everything needed for your menus and a hot meal to be prepared that night including sides, salad, and dessert. The rest of the meals, 4 day’s worth are either frozen or refrigerated for serving later. Freezer storage containers are provided but are required to be returned to us or a fee is charged.
Gift certificates are available for you to give a family member or a friend for a birthday, wedding, new baby arrival, anniversary present or as a thank-you gift.
It is a great way to provide a gift of delicious, wholesome meals without you having to do all the work. The recipient and I will work out the menus and cooking date at a mutually agreeable time. If the recipient is unable to take advantage of our services, the purchase price will be  fully refunded. 

Please click to receive a suggested Menu List  of items you might like to have us cook for you.